Emergency Room

The MidCoast Health System offers state of the art emergency rooms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle emergencies. We are well equipped to treat all types of injuries and illnesses. Emergency services are offered at:

Our emergency room teams are equipped to serve Wharton County and Matagorda County and beyond! Local ambulance services are available to provide patient transportation too.

Our team can provide medical screening, examinations, lab and x-rays if needed. An ER waiting room is available for family and friends.

Minutes matter!
The El Campo Memorial Hospital Emergency Room is conveniently located to serve patrons from all areas but is especially convenient to those in El Campo, Wharton, Boling, New Taiton, Hillje, Louise, and more.

The Palacios Emergency Room is very convenient to Palacios, Blessing, Tidehaven and other surrounding coastal areas.

If our team determines the patient does not have an emergency medical condition, the MidCoast team can help arrange a follow up with a physician in the MidCoast Health System, or a clinic of your choice.

All patients that are classified as urgent or emergent will be treated as an emergency patient.