Swing Bed Program

MidCoast Health System offers a Medicare sponsored “Swing Bed Program” which allows a patient to stay in the hospital for a longer period of time and be under the observation and care of their physician and nurse. It’s called the “swing” bed because it “swings” patients from acute care to skilled care who need temporary and transitional care. Patients are able to stay in the hospital “a little longer” to help improve their physical, emotional and social functions.

Daily activities are provided in the swing bed program, which is an alternative to short term nursing home rehabilitation care.

This temporary and transitional care allows you to become as independent as possible with just a little more time in the hospital.

In order to qualify for the swing bed program, certain criteria must be met. The MidCoast discharge planner and physician will evaluate each patient to make the best possible referrals to this program. For more information about the Swing Bed Program, call 979-578-5113 or 979-578-5115.

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